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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

C4SS Fundraiser: Down to the Wire

Well, we're three days away from the end of the latest extension of the C4SS fundraiser deadline, and have just reached 41% of the target. Thanks to all who have contributed.

To those who haven't, please consider doing so. If this fundraiser reaches its target, all the writers and fundraisers, promotional specialists, etc., will be paid through the end of October. Woo-hoo! That means we'll only be six weeks behind in pay. Then we can start the white-knuckle process for November!

There are a lot of us doing this stuff because we love it, but the money sure comes in handy. And I suspect all of us enter each fundraiser wondering if the readers will come through yet again, or if this is the time it will turn out we've been writing for free all these weeks.

Several of us are giving back donations out of our pay, just to set an example. Tom Knapp quietly went without pay for September for an extra month, just so others could be paid.

I guarantee, nobody's getting rich off this. Brad Spangler, the director, gets a hundred bucks and change for expenses, and he probably puts in more hours than anybody. Tom gets six hundred bucks a month for working twenty hour weeks as media coordinator, doing an amazing job in submitting our material to thousands of newspapers every day.

So if you value our work, and you can afford to contribute, please consider doing so.


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