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To dissolve, submerge, and cause to disappear the political or governmental system in the economic system by reducing, simplifying, decentralizing and suppressing, one after another, all the wheels of this great machine, which is called the Government or the State. --Proudhon, General Idea of the Revolution

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Anarchist Historical Scholarship

An Anarchist FAQ
Anarchy Archives
Austro-Athenian Empire (Roderick Long)
Black Crayon
CLASSical Liberalism (Ken Gregg)
Fair Use Repository
Individualist- Anarchist.Net
Into the Libertarian Labyrinth (Shawn Wilbur)
Libertarian Labyrinth (Shawn Wilbur)
From the Libertarian Library
The Portal
Libertarian Microfiche (John Zube)
Dr. Race Matthews
The Memory Hole (individualist anarchism)
William Greene page (Shawn Wilbur)
Travelling in Liberty (Shawn Wilbur)
The Very Idea! (Intellectual History--Shawn Wilbur)
Joel's Humanistic Blog (Joel Schlosberg)
Radical Tradition
RA Forum: Research on Anarchism
Specialist Group for the Study of Anarchism


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