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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

At C4SS--Bitcoin: What Comes Next?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Using bitcoin as a triple entry accounting method for tracking peering relationships is where it's value has always been. The coin in "bitcoin" refers to the unique identity of the object as separate from a central authority.

Just as ISPs peer assets, the p2p network could use "bitcoins" (goddamn, that name is so misleading) to create a running account to clear transactions in a network.

It could even be used on a low-level as a security measure between instances running on virtual machines.

A more evolved p2p network would be what the "cloud" (yet another hip neologism) is envisioned to be, where a $500 network-attached desktop in the ghetto has parity with Amazon's AWS instances. Integrate a BitCoin utility billing method with the Bitcoin object model and a World Grid running instances that capture all those stranded resource desktop pcs we po' people are running and we have a viable p2p information economy.

Bitcoin need not be valued in dollars to have value, but rather in cpu cycles, storage GB, transfer GB, GET requests, etc. Then a $$$ can be set.

Someone make a way for me to get paid in bitcoins in exchange for me running my PC 24/7 doing work for the network, then allow me to exchange those bitcoins for different, more valuable work (to me) from the same network.

June 30, 2011 12:03 AM  

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