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To dissolve, submerge, and cause to disappear the political or governmental system in the economic system by reducing, simplifying, decentralizing and suppressing, one after another, all the wheels of this great machine, which is called the Government or the State. --Proudhon, General Idea of the Revolution

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Monday, April 26, 2010

C4SS April Fundraiser

The Center for a Stateless Society just launched its April fundraiser (you may recall Brad Spangler's intention to go to monthly budgeting). The goal is to raise $1380 by May 5, to cover April's monthly expenses (you know, so we can get paid). I haven't been able to get the Chipin widget to fit in my sidebar, but if you've got money to spare and feel inclined to help you can just go to this link.

And as always, many thanks to all of y0u who keep us going.


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