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To dissolve, submerge, and cause to disappear the political or governmental system in the economic system by reducing, simplifying, decentralizing and suppressing, one after another, all the wheels of this great machine, which is called the Government or the State. --Proudhon, General Idea of the Revolution

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Vulgar Libertarianism, Neoliberalism, and Corporate Welfare: A Compendium of Posts

Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part I
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 2
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 3
Maxspeak on the March of Democracy
I Guess the Mixed Economy Can't Be All Bad
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 4 (Or Eamon Butler Phones It In)
More Wonderful "Free Market" Reforms From Those Corporate Pirates
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 5
The Neoliberal Myth of Small Government
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 6 (John Stossel)
Neocon "Democracy" in Iraq
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 7: Those Big Government Progressives at the ASI
Vulgar Libertarian Smackdown
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 8: Intellectual Whoring for the Planter Aristocracy
I'd Hate to See What Malevolent Hegemony Would Look Like
Move Over, Maggie and Ron
Lormand on Vulgar Libertarians
More Looting (er, "Free Market Reform") in Iraq
More on the World Bank
Strawman Alert
On the Other Hand....
The Nature of the Ruling Class
Corporations, State Capitalism, and International Trade
Faux Private Interests, Part II: Privatizing the Police State
Faux Private Interests, Part III: Sean Gabb on ASI-Style "Privatization"
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch: Part 9 (or is it Part 1 Redux?)
Monbiot Gets It Right This Time
Glenn Reynolds' Upside-Down Version of History
Maxspeak on Thomas Friedman
More Corporate Looting in Iraq
Fair and Balanced
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 10
Buermann on CAFTA
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 11
Lindy Davies on Economic Growth
Venezuelan Oligarchy's War Against Land Reform: Death Squads Target Peasant Organizers
Chomsky: Neoliberalism as Statism
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 12 (but this ought to count for two or three, at least)
Broken Window Fallacy
Thanks for Givin' Me That Job, Massa!
Corporate Funding of Phony "Free Market" Think Tanks
Follow-Up: Broken Window Fallacy
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 13
Socialism for the Rich, Redux
GDP Again
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 14
Sympathy for the Devil
Monbiot: Two Steps Forward....
Them Pore Ole Bosses Need All the Help They Can Get
Selective "Market Reform"
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 15: Lula and Chavez and Morales, Oh My!
OK, No More Stealing, Starting.... NOW!
Faux Private Interests, Revisited
Fake Reform and Class Warfare
Vulgar Libertarian Watch, Part 16 (Misoids take on distributism)
Free Trade vs. "Free Trade"
Crunchy Con Talk
A Free For All on Drug Patents: Or, Ron Bailey's Principled Libertarianism
If It's Got a "Y" in It, It's Wal-Mart Day at Mises.Org
The More Things Change... (critics of labor theory of value)
Libertarian Death Wishes
A Free Market Attack on Sweatshops
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 17
Vulgar Libertarianism at the NYT--And the Usual Suspects Are Tickled Pink
Free-for-All on South Central Farmers
Privatization is Theft
Smarter Wal-Mart Defenders, Please
Smarter Critics of Environmentalism, Please
Big Business's Role in Creating the Interstate Highway System
Vulgar Libertarianism Watch, Part 18
Kirklin Follow-up to Wal-Mart Piece
More Efficient Corporate Welfare


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October 10, 2006 1:57 AM  
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what would any Mutualist disagree with from this Marxist?
Michael Parenti -- Welfare for the Wealthy

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