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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Just Things Second Issue

The second issue of Just Things is now out. Along with a lot of other good material, it has an article by me. It's edited by Stephen Herrick, aka esteban, of Chlorophyll blog.

I especially recommend an article by Siel (Green LA Girl), "Immigration and Coffee," on the relationship between economic exploitation abroad (especially land expropriation and NAFTA mercantilism) and immigration to the U.S. Teaser quote:

Many "illegal" immigrants to the US are coffee farmers who've either lost or abandoned their land due to the coffee crisis....

Many point out that today's immigrants would, if given the option, rather stay on their own land.

The Americans who get so outraged about the country being flooded with "cheap foreign labor" ought to reassess their picture of Uncle Sam as the generous benefactor of mankind, the thankless donor of aid to the world's poor. As Siel says, most of those immigrants would rather be at home if they could make a decent living. We need to pressure the U.S. government to stop backing regimes that promote things like land theft in collusion with giant agribusiness, and police state tactics against union organizers.

Lots of other good stuff in there, too.

Check it out.


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