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Friday, March 03, 2006

New Book on Third World Microcredit

Via Zvi Galor on Worker-Owned Co-op list. Reaching the Poor With Microcredit: The Missing Link, by Abono Humfred Mbah Awanka of the University of Dschang in Cameroon. Galor comments:

I feel like the chef in a big restaurant seeing his best dish getting out of the oven to be served. Mr Abono was my student, and he stated that an important part of his knowledge about the subject he got at our institute in Israel, and in my classes as well.

I am seeing this book as a results of a very extensive learning process Mr Abono has gone though, to which I have contributed some ingredients, I hope important ones, and to a very intensive practical experience Mr. Abono has acquired during years of doing Micro-Finance and cooperative development, especially in the rural areas of Cameroon, where the Poor are, and where the needs existing all the time.

The book has a very interesting survey of the existing MF industry of today. What is the situation in the rural Africa of today, and possible ways to do better. It is a very important tool to scholars, to practitioners and to the big public who wish to learn more about our contemporary problematic situation regarding poverty and as to how to be able to improve the situation and to eradicate poverty from our society.


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