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Monday, June 13, 2005

More on ODCP

Last week I posted about the Office of Drug Control Policy's smarmy blog. "thoreau," a frequent commenter at Reason Hit&Run, sent his own comment to the Drug Nazis. Here it is, from the comment thread on the original Hit&Run post:

At least you're astute enough to realize that medical marijuana is simply the first step in a strategy toward legalization of drugs.

What you either fail to realize (or else realize all too well) is that legalization is absolutely necessary if we are to ever break the backs of street gangs, the mafia, and terrorist organizations. As anybody who took Econ 101 realizes, prohibition simply reduces supply and inflates prices, creating a very lucrative black market that the most corrupt elements of society will exploit.

Either you guys are too dumb to realize this, or you are in cahoots with the black marketeers who profit from the drug trade. Hmm, stooges or traitors. Not sure which is worse.

Either way, you guys at ONDCP are doing the bidding of Afghan warlords, South American guerrilla armies, inner city street gangs, and every other type of mobster, thug, and terrorist. If you really wanted to curtail violence you'd stop prosecuting the insane drug war and simply end the black market. Terrorists and gangs would see their funds evaporate that way.

Then again, from what I've seen, it seems more likely to me that at least some of you guys know exactly what you're doing and don't care. Drug dealers have a reputation for paying handsome salaries to cops, after all.


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