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To dissolve, submerge, and cause to disappear the political or governmental system in the economic system by reducing, simplifying, decentralizing and suppressing, one after another, all the wheels of this great machine, which is called the Government or the State. --Proudhon, General Idea of the Revolution

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Gagnon Interview

Via Democratic Freedom. The Democratic Freedom Caucus' Paul Gagnon was interviewed by Free Liberal.

There was a time when a number of Libertarians that were saying the first thing we should cut is corporate welfare, and to reduce the military. So it was a very left-wing tinge to the L[ibertarian] P[arty], which has slowly faded out. [We] still feel that, when we’re going to cut government, we should first talk about how we’re going to cut subsidies to the wealthy and to the corporations. And then we can talk about kicking out the so-called ‘welfare queens,’ which tend to be the poor....

FL: Why a DFC? Why not join the Democratic Leadership Caucus, which was home for Bill Clinton? Do you aim to make the DFC as influential as the DLC?

PG: [The DLC] has held themselves hostage to corporate interests. Frankly, we’ve never tried the free market in this country. We’ve always had government working hand in hand with the wealthy to secure their interests, whether it was the original land developers, and then the commercial interests, and then of course the Civil War, which led to one of the biggest boons in the corporate/state nexus.... We’re very much in favor of free markets, but we are opposed to government giveaways, protections, and subsidies of corporations.


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